BI Testing

What is BI Reporting Testing?

Business Intelligence (BI) is that the activity of assembling, cleansing, analyzing, integrating, and sharing data to derive actional insights that drive business growth. Business Intelligence Testing or BI testing verifies the staging data, ETL process; BI reports and ensures the implementation is correct. BI Testing provides data credibility and accuracy of insights derives from the BI process.

Most Common Use Cases: –
  • Compare visualization (and underlying numbers) on Bi report to backend data stores.
  • Compare one report to another report.
  • Ensure reports have been updated correctly.
  • Compare to trends & normal business operations.
What is BI Testing sequence?

Business Intelligence Testing sequence: -


1. Check the data at the source:

Business Data usually doesn't come from one source and in one format alone. Confirm that the source and, therefore, the sort of data that it sends matches. Also, do a basic validation of the data. This is usually known as the Extract stage of the ETL.


2. Check the data transformation:

The raw data gets handled into business targeted data..

  • The destination and source data types should match.
  • Primary key, null, default value constraints, foreign key etc. should be attached.
  • The ACID properties of destination and source should be validated, etc.

3. Check the data loading:

The actual scripts that load the info and testing them would be definitely included in your ETL testing. It is also an honest idea to test the opposite aspects such as its computational abilities, error logging, recovery from failure, exception handling, etc.


4. BI Report testing:

Finally, the reports, the final layer of the whole flow.

We offer upgraded technologies to resolve BI Reporting testing issues and worries. To get better data insights, we provide testing solution in a very systematic way.
  • Data extraction:

    We can extract data from multiple-data platforms in less time. We work on image base data extraction so that data cannot be modified in any way. There is no limit on data size extraction

  • Plug & Play solution:

    We offer plug & play solution for BI Reporting testing except for custom transformation test. Which is time saving and makes it reusable for multiple mock tests and final migration.

  • Scheduling & Auto-email:

    We can schedule BI Reporting testing at any time of the day and on completion, the system automatically sends an email to stakeholders.

  • Output Reporting:

    We provide instant detailed output report at the end of the activity via auto-email or manually to address the BI Reporting Testing issues if any so, that the stakeholders can respond effectively.

Supported BI technologies