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What is Media Analytics?

Viewers are increasingly watching digital video content on laptops, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, and connected televisions around the world. As a provider of such material, you must gain a better understanding of your digital audience’s behavior and consumption patterns in order to act on these insights and expand your business. Your audience is influenced by three major factors: content, packaging, and quality. Understanding what drives viewer engagement may help you decide how to produce, package, sell, and deliver content to achieve optimum audience engagement.

What are the Benefits of Media Analytics?

Media analytics has a number of business advantages:

  • Total Audience Awareness –

    Viewers’ media intake is tracked, regardless of whether they watch it on an iPad or visit a website. You can track your whole digital audience with Media Analytics, which may be used in a variety of playback scenarios. It can be used with a wide range of devices and is compatible with a wide range of formats and operating systems like – Android, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, iDevices (iOS and tvOS), HTML5.

  • Increased audience satisfaction and engagement –

    To discover and overcome any impediments that may harm your customers, Media Analytics examines in-depth audience interaction, content usage, and quality indicators.

  • Growth in Audience –

    Media Analytics assists you in achieving your media and marketing objectives by providing you with reliable and comprehensive data that is customized to your company. Its dashboards highlight critical trends and demonstrate a link between quality and engagement, allowing you to make swift, well-informed decisions.

  • Target Base Ad Display –

    The solution also provides recommendations for targeted ads insertion to optimize effectiveness of ads. It is very useful for Ad agencies to select right audience and timing to show relevant Ads.

Proof of Concept

In this new era of advanced analytics and big data, you are looking for analytical tools to harness the power of your data.It is really hard to make a decision on the selection of right analytics tools and partner.You need a tangible proof and a solid demonstration for what you are going to invest in: that’s why at LDU Business Services we are happy to create for you an individual proof of concept that will showcase the full potential of our services.It’s as easy as three steps, and will help you in your decision on whether we are a reliable partner suiting your expectations: based on a dataset of your choice that you will send us, we build a personalized data insight that you can test and show to your management or team.

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